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Jared Weissberg

Hi, I am a Stanford computer science (MSCS AI) and economics student. Here are some things I have worked on.

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Computer science

  • Hazy, Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (SAIL)
  • A Study of Visuomotor Behavior Cloning: Performance Considering Real-Time Requirements
  • Visuomotor Behavior Cloning Example
  • A Spectrogram is Worth 16 x 16 Words: Vision Transformers for Spoken Language Understanding
  • Courses: 231N, 224N, 224S, 205L
  • Other things I did

  • Stanford Cowell Fund
  • Cello: Carnegie, Orange County School of the Arts, Orange County Youth Symphony, Stanford Symphony Orchestra
  • Baking on a Budget (food insecurity nonprofit)
  • London School of Economics
  • Companies I work(ed) for

  • Goldman Sachs
  • Morgan Stanley
  • P10Y (GSB startup)
  • FounderPartners (VC firm)
  • People I am working with

  • Meta ML (spoken language processing research)
  • Stanford Yang Lab (ME PhD)
  • Interests

  • Marathon running
  • Scuba
  • Classical music
  • Backpacking